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On June 27, gastronomy experts gathered at the same table in Queen Odessa

Restaurant complex Queen in Odessa

On June 27, in Queen Odessa, experts of gastronomy and gastronomic journalists from different parts of the world gathered at the same table, and Sergey Yurchishin, the concept chef of the Bulldozer Group restaurant chain, treated them. 

The main purpose of the dinner was to show that Ukraine is not beautiful landscapes, but local products have an incredible taste, they know how to cook and present them to guests in a winning way, following world trends, or even ahead of them, in order to fall in love with combinations and give an unforgettable experience.   

Sergey Yurchishin created a special dinner menu: 

- Starter: Black Sea Shrimp with Lime Gel and Maldonian Salt 

- Tacos with green peas, oyster and salicornia 

- Nigiri with Black Sea anchovy and black caviar 

- Bovine heart caprese with smoked sour cream and black caviar emulsion 

- Scallop with three caviar sauce and Jerusalem artichoke 

- Black Sea flounder, fired in a furnace 

- Dessert Pavlova cooked in nitrogen

We express our deep gratitude to Igor Mezentsev and Yevgeny Klopotenko, who contributed to the arrival of famous personalities of the world of gastronomy to Queen Odessa, and for the opportunity to demonstrate their vision of serving a Ukrainian product.